"Beige" Life Masque

"Beige" Life Masque


The Life Masque Personal Protection Mask is unlike any other mask on the market today. It is lighter, more breathable, more liveable, longer lasting, most especially, more protective. No more feeling like you're sufficating or struggling with steamed eyeglasses and chaffing behind the ears. You will forget you are wearing it at all... Unlike other masks that rely on heavy layers of fabric and materials such as carbon, Life Masque relys soley upon a spaceage inner filter which prevents even the smallest of nanoparticle-- other than air --to pass through. Life Masque removes over 99% of impurities-- and yet is as light as as a feather. The Polyimide Aerogel filter over 99% of airborne particles (GB19083-2010 certification) and over 99% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) (YY/T0969-2013 certification.) Additionally, the Polyimide Aerogel filter require no de-gassing prior to use to remove odor. Please note: these masks are not suitable for children under 3 years old. Smaller sizes are still in development.

  • No Returns

    Given the nature of Covid 19, we are sorry to announce that we are unable to accept any return shipments from customers. 


  • Shipping

    We ship via USPS First Class Mail. 


  • Materials

    Outer and Inner Layers Cotton and Polyester Cotton

    Middle Layer: Polyimide aerogels (PIA)

  • Disclaimer

    We are unable to provide any warrenties, expressed or implied. It is up to the user to insure proper usuage. Please refer to FAQ for more information on instructions for wear. 

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What's Next?

Due to the recent Covid19 pandemic, Candice Wu Couture designed masks to help meet the needs of this crisis. 

If your institution needs access to bulk protective masks, please contact us at 781 534 8077 or email bulk@lifemasque.com.

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