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How Do I Wear and Clean a Life Masque?

After washing your hands thoroughly, grasp sides and loop around your ears. Pinch the nose adjustment (just above the bridge, see illustration) until it creates a seal. Clean as needed with a 70% alcohol solution to kill any attachment to external material such as the cotton/polyester front layer. Every 2-3 days of wear, the Life Masque should be washed with tepid water (not hot) and soap. Do not machine wash. Air dry in an sterile environment and store in a sterile plastic bag until next use. Hand washing can be done 10X or more or until there is noticable deterioration of inside layer closest to the mouth.

What is Polyimide Aerogel?

At about $23,000 per pound, aerogel is currently more expensive than gold. Thankfully, only a tiny sliver is needed. Polymide Aerogel has a long history, but NASA perfected its use as an ultralight material that is so effective at filtering that coal plants and water purification systems use it to remove impurities, even microscopic nanoparticles. It is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Thinner. Lighter, Stronger Its high surface area, high porosity (75-95%--great for breathing) and small pore diameter (great for blocking impurities) make it the perfect material for all-day, comfortable use. Other materials shed impurities such as dust as the materials break down during handling and use. This material does not.

How do I purchase Life Masques for institutional or bulk use?

Please send an email to describing your particular needs and time frame. We will respond ASAP. In addition, we would love to get these out to as many as need them as fast as possible. If anyone can help us, especially with fast-tracking as a certified medical device, please email

Do you accept returns for a refund?

We are so sorry. Given dangers of Covid 19, we are unable to accept returns at this time.

Can a child wear one?

The Life Masque is not recommended for any child under three given the fit. The mask needs to fit securely around the mouth, nose and chin. We are in the process of creating child sizes and hope to have them available very soon.

Wow! This is wafer thin. How can it work?

Don't be deceived by looks. Its all about the filter layer. Polymide Aerogel is the lightest man-made material on earth. Per pound, it is more expensive than gold. It weighs literally almost nothing and yet is so effective at removing nanoparticles like bacteria and other micro-pollutants that it used for coal and water purification. Most of all, the fact that it is sooo light and comfortable means that you will wear it. And that's the biggest first step in protecting yourself.

What is your disclaimer?

All personal protection masks depend on users to insure proper fit and care. Those factors are beyond our control. We can therefore make no claims to effectiveness and users must assume any risk. Candice Wu Couture is using her sources to try to help fill a vacumn. There is so much more to know and learn. We are hoping to get US approvals on the use of Polymide aerogel as a mask and provide more precise testing regarding nanoparticles that are blocked, including Covid19. Currently Life Masque is not certified for medical use. Given the properties of the filter layer, we believe it is a candidate. If anyone can help us in that regard, please email us at We have tried very hard to insure that all information on this site is accurate. We continue to update as new information becomes available. We can assume no liability for erroneous information give the fluidity of the situation.

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Due to the recent Covid19 pandemic, Candice Wu Couture designed masks to help meet the needs of this crisis. 

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